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Follow the steps on this page to make sure you are prepared for EVV. Visit the Additional Resources and Partner Resources sections below for supplemental information that will help you be successful in implementing EVV.

Getting Started with EVV – IRIS Program

1. The worker will need to apply for an EVV ID which will allow them to log their EVV visits. The worker’s most up-to-date email address and residence status are required.

Please note iLIFE’s EVV Company ID is 2-91496. This is required for logging in to the mobile application.

Email Address Submission Form (electronic submission form)

  • This email address is where workers will receive important information on EVV, including EVV ID information necessary to log EVV visits.
  • This email address is also where they will receive the automated Sandata email to set up their Sandata Mobile Connect (SMC) account if they qualify for EVV. Please note that the email address will be the username.
  • *Email must be unique to a single worker. It cannot be shared by multiple workers.
  • Note: EVV IDs are separate from your EE number/PHW number

Please Note: You may be exempt from EVV if you are a live-in worker. For the purposes of EVV, a live-in worker is a worker who permanently resides in the same residence as the client receiving services.

IRIS: Please complete and return the following form to the IC or iLIFE if you meet the definition of a live-in worker. Please be sure to include the requested proof of residence.

2. Decide on which of the three EVV options will work best for the client and worker. For more information on the EVV options, click on the URLs below.

EVV In The Community

3. Look over the training materials specific to the EVV option that has been chosen. Reference guides and training videos are provided below.

Training Materials

Mobile Visit Verification (MVV)

You can download the Sandata Mobile Connect App at the links below:

Telephonic Visit Verification (TVV)

Fixed Visit Verification (FVV)

The FVV Tracking Form is used when clocking in and out of EVV to keep track of your visit information. Do not submit this form to iLIFE. We do, however, recommend keeping it for your records.

4. Forget to log a visit or made a mistake?


Submit corrections using one of the methods below:

1. EVV Corrections Form (online submission)

  • Preferred Method: The form is easy to use and ensures faster processing time. 
  • Using the online submission method, you can enter in your EVV corrections information directly or upload a picture of the completed paper form. 

2. EVV Corrections Form (paper form)(Spanish)

  • There is a QR code on the form for easily submitting the completed form online – save on processing time and postage. 
  • You can also email the form to Please be sure to take a picture of both sides of the form as needed.
  • If you’re not able to submit the form online, this form can be printed out and submitted to iLIFE via mail or fax.  

How will I know if I need to submit corrections? 

  • If you missed punching in to EVV, whether it was at the start, end, or for an entire shift
    • Tip: Please see below for who to contact if you were unable to log EVV due to:
      • Technical issues: Getting an error message or EVV method shutting down unexpectedly? Please contact EVV Customer Care at 833-931-2035 or
        • Tip: If the FVV device is no longer working, please have the client contact iLIFE to let us know that you need a replacement.
      • Locked account: Please contact iLIFE Customer Service:
        • Call 888-800-5599 or send us an email at 
        • Tip: Wait 5 minutes before trying to re-enter your password to avoid being locked out.
      • Forgot SMC password: First, try to reset the password using the Forgot Password link and follow the prompts to either set up a new password by answering security questions or receive a temporary password by email.
  • Started an Unknown Client visit
    • Tip: You don’t need to submit corrections if you wrote the client’s name in the memo field.
  • Used a mobile phone to call in TVV
    • Tip: Going forward, be sure to use the client’s landline for TVV, or register for MVV where you can submit EVV on a mobile app! 
  • If your client ordered an FVV device but it has not yet arrived
    • Tip: Use the EVV corrections form until the FVV device arrives. Once it arrives, you can track your punch in/out codes using the FVV Tracking Form so it is easier for you to call them in within 7 days of receiving the codes. Please do not submit this form to iLIFE, however, we do recommend keeping it for your records.
  • If you think you might have selected the wrong service code, ID, or missed any other information when punching in and out of EVV

    Additional Resources

    Partner Resources

    Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS)
    For the most up-to-date information on EVV, please be sure to regularly check the DHS website below:

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    IRIS Program:
    8:30am-4:30pm, Monday – Friday