Our Values

iLIFE delivers industry-best financial management services to adults and children enrolled in self-directed programs to support their goals of living independently at home and in their community. We will partner with you to help set up your caregiver of choice, process payroll, and handle taxes on your behalf. 






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Our Services

iLIFE provides the following services to help you receive the support you need to live independently in your community.

Fiscal Agent
iLIFE serves as a fiscal employer agent for participants in self-directed support programs. Self-directed participants hire their own employees and choose the services their workers provide. iLIFE manages enrollment, payroll, and tax payments to ease the administrative burden for participants as they achieve and maintain their independence.
Money Management
MCFI Rep Payee offers money management tools to help create a budget and spending plan that works for you. We will assist with bill payment, tracking your budget, and reconciling your accounts to help you meet your financial goals.
RepresenTative payee
MCFI Rep Payee will receive and manage your Social Security or SSI benefit on your behalf. We will work with you to determine your needs, help pay bills, review Title 19, review medical benefits and assist with FoodShare service.
fiscal conduit
iLIFE provides payment to vendors and providers who provide goods or services to the program participant based on their individual budget.