About Us

iLIFE, LLC is the largest Wisconsin-based financial management services provider serving people enrolled in long-term care programs, Medicaid waivers, and other home and community-based programs focusing on self-direction.

Since 1988, we have provided financial management services for local, regional, and national long-term care programs. We provide fiscal employer agent, fiscal conduit, representative payee, and money management services to help program participants gain independence. Our goal is to partner with the people we serve to help them receive the services and supports they need to remain at home in their community.

iLIFE partners with state and national agencies to develop, design, and implement self-directed programs. iLIFE has a tradition of direct care delivery experience through our parent company, Centers for Independence. For more than 85 years, the Centers for Independence has strengthened communities by helping people advance their total health. CFI is dedicated to assisting people of all ages and abilities achieve their fullest level of independence through a supportive environment that fosters hope. CFI’s breadth of services and resources allows others to find value in themselves and see a path forward.

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